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With the idea of propeller construction, Hoffmann Propeller went ahead already in 1955

was established in 1955 by Ludwig Hoffmann and Richard Wurm.
Together with six employees he started production for propeller of motorgliders. Overhaul and manufacture of U.S. aircraft propellers fairly soon formed a second leg to stand on for the company. In the course of time both scopes expanded powerfully and design and manufacture in two other sectors had become important: Propellers for hovercraft and blades for windtunnels. At the moment Mr. Dipl. Kfm Richard Wurm jun. is owner of the company
The company headquarters are situated in Rosenheim in Upper Bavaria in the south of Germany. On a Company site of 5.700 sq/m the divisions of development, manufacture, administration as well as a large spare depot are accommodated.

The parent plant in Rosenheim
HOFFMANN PROPELLER employing 50 people, design, manufacture, maintain and overhaul propellers with blades in wooden composite construction for every imaginable purpose, mainly for the General Aviation, Hovercraft and any special applications such as blades for windtunnels in the automotive industries.
HOFFMANN PROPELLER have manufactured over 15.000 propeller blades and is in a position to design or copy most blade patterns since no moulds or castings are required for the blade design in wooden composite construction.
HOFFMANN PROPELLER guarantee close proximity to their customers having distributors and service stations worldwide.
HOFFMANN PROPELLER hold all required certifications of national and international Aviation Authorities to design, develop, manufacture and overhaul propellers.