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Update Jan 19, 2022
Hoffmann - Corona Risk Assessment Management CRAM

Dear customer, dear supplier
Since Friday 20, 2020 12h pm the ordinary life is bounded by law in Bavaria, Germany.
Our capacity to act will be bounded slightly however; permanent requests for information, incoming newsletters from suppliers requires a general rethinking and organization.
It is allowed for working, our actual production/ maintenance is still upright also deliveries. The supply chain also works (spare parts, consumable materials, etc.)
Your contact persons are still available as usual.
Furthermore we kindly asking you to reschedule announced and unannounced visits.
Please have a look at our website which we will update every day.
We kindly ask for your understanding.
Kind regards and keep always fit
Your team from Hoffmann Propeller

Since more than 50 years Hoffmann propellers from Rosenheim turn right on the front of the aircraft.

HOFFMANN PROPELLER employing 57 people, design, manufacture, maintain and overhaul propellers with blades in wooden composite construction for every imaginable purpose, mainly for the General Aviation, Hovercraft and any special applications such as blades for windtunnels in the automotive industries.
HOFFMANN PROPELLER guarantee close proximity to their customers having distributors and service stations worldwide.
HOFFMANN PROPELLER hold all required certifications of national and international Aviation Authorities to design, develop, manufacture and overhaul propellers.
HOFFMANN PROPELLER has manufactured over 15.000 propeller blades and is in a position to design or copy most blade patterns since no moulds or castings are required for the blade design in wooden composite construction.
Also airships, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or Air Cushion Vehicles (ACVs) are driven by Hoffmann propellers. Aviation veterans, such as the legendary Aunt Ju or Spitfire and other dear rarities are still flying thanks to Hoffmann Propeller. No matter whether fixed or variable pitch propellers, Hoffmann’s quality commitment is: safety, performance, affordability and service

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