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HOFFMANN fan blades cause quite a stir in the international automotive industry

View from nozzle to the test vehicle

One of the tools used to produce fine cars which are better than the competition is aerodynamics. It is also widely known that good aerodynamic characteristics are a key factor in obtaining improved fuel economy. For this reasons, extensive use of the windtunnel during new car development is common practice.

Throughout the years the wind tunnel has also made a valid contribution in fields other than vehicle aerodynamics. It has often been made available to companies and sport concerns wishing to improve their aerodynamic knowledge. The windtunnel is used for research too, e.g. the effects of side wind on the directional stability of a vehicle had been conducted.

Among the items which mostly characterize the plant for their innovative aspects is the motor-propeller unit. These fans with the HOFFMANN blades in wooden composite construction produce a wind speed of up 400 km/h absorbing a maximum input power of more than 10.000 kW.