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In many countries of the world, air cushion crafts are driven by HOFFMANN PROPELLERS.

HOVERCRAFT vessels are designed for extreme environmental conditions and high payloads. The new Hovercraft have extremely low noise levels comparable with the noise of an equivalent low noise, twin diesel engine boat.

They are used for air-sea rescues, where conventional rescue boats are often in danger of running aground when attempting to rescue survivors of displacement vessels that have run onto the reefs, or for special forces missions by crossing marshes, rice fields, swamps and shores inaccessible to all other transport means. Another example: Following earthquake disasters or volcanic activity, logistic supple and rescue routes are blocked to most means of transport, but not for an Hovercraft. Such a craft may also be equipped with booms and shimmers, detergents and cleaning equipment to salvage shorelines previously lost following oil-spill disasters.

HOFFMANN produce in the Hovercraft field 3-, 4- and 5-bladed propellers in wooden composite construction for step stream, ducted and unducted installation up to a diameter of 6 m and a performance of 3000 kW.

The propellers are supplied with fixed pitch, ground adjustable but mostly variable pitch, hydraulically or mechanically controlled with provisions for reverse thrust.

The advantage of the wooden composite construction method is that blades are individually manufactured and no moulds or castings are required which are necessary for the manufacture of FRP or metal blades. The low weight of this material is an additional surplus of this construction. The entire blade can be coated with Irathane lacquer which guaranties excellent erosion protection..

Larger propellers may be delivered in disassembled condition to save transportation costs.


Hoffmann's Propeller Service round about the propeller

If required HOFFMANN render the following services to their customers on a charge basis:

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